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New Member Benefit Available 8/24: Glide

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

JTGAR is excited to announce a new, free member benefit available beginning Monday, August 24th: Glide!

With Glide, you can prepare, organize, and sign property disclosures from one user-friendly interface, saving time for you and time and frustration for your clients. Plus, protect you and your sellers against legal action by ensuring all disclosures are complete and comprehensive.

Delight Home Sellers with a Simpler Process

Home sellers are often overwhelmed by the disclosures process; Glide is full of intuitive easy to use tools that make this process easier. Glide takes sellers through a step-by-step guided interface with inline contextual help, auto-saving, checks to ensure all questions are complete, and a flagging feature to ask for additional help. Sellers rave about an easier way to understand, and complete complex disclosure forms.

Manage Risk with Comprehensive Forms and Change Logs

Failure to disclose is the #1 source of professional liability for agents and the complex, confusing paper-based disclosure process is not helping either sellers or agents reduce their risk Glide’s intuitive, online platform is full of features that help sellers provide complete, comprehensive disclosure forms and brokers to maintain careful audit trails and change logs - all designed to reduce the risk of legal action.

Save Time on Every Transaction

Having all disclosure touchpoints in one place saves you valuable time coordinating all the moving parts associated with the disclosures process, ensuring every transaction goes smoothly. Glide is integrated with both zipForm and DocuSign, meaning it’s integrated with the tools you use for maximum efficiency. Plus, in Glide, you can track progress and send reminders on every form and action.

You can track progress and send reminders on every form to keep sales on track. Plus, Glide is integrated with both zipForm and DocuSign to maximize your efficiency, and you can even order your NHD reports from your centralized dashboard.

Learn more by watching this one minute video.

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