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Did you know that over 35% of all proposed legislation introduced in Sacramento impacts REALTORS®? That amounts to approximately 2,000 bills every year.

During the course of each congressional cycle, special interest groups never fail to propose new taxes, fees and regulations that both raise the cost of doing business and reduce your earnings.  The only reason these bills do not pass more often is because legislators in Sacramento and Washington D.C., who understand the real issues behind these bills, stand up for your best interest.  The REALTOR® Action Fund is able to support these advocacy campaigns because of your generous donations.

Whenever a critical piece of legislation is pending, C.A.R. will issue an email "Red Alert." These alerts request that you contact your state legislators (and sometimes federal representatives) to voice your opposition or support. A significant number of measures are introduced in the California Legislature each year that could negatively impact your ability to practice real estate. Watch your inbox and make sure you're in the know when an alert goes out!


The REALTOR Action Fund helps supports the passage of laws that benefit the real estate industry (i.e. the homebuyer tax credit) and defeat laws that will harm the industry (i.e. eliminating mortgage interest deductions).  It helps REALTOR®/business friendly candidates get elected to local, state and federal level offices.

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