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The Morongo Basin is home to several protected native plants and animals, here are some documents regarding the current guidelines and permitting processes that address some of these.  This is not an exhaustive list of all protections that may exist, simply ones we are most often asked about for document locations and guidance on.  Under the California and Federal Endangered Species Acts, the “take” of listed species without a permit is prohibited. A qualified professional biologist can assist you to determine if your project may result in “take” of a listed species. Examples of Federal and/or State threatened and endangered species found in locations in the Town of Yucca Valley include but are not limited to Desert Tortoise, Western Yellow-Billed Cuckoo, Least Bell’s Vireo, Western Joshua Tree, Triple-Ribbed Milk-Vetch, and Parish’s Daisy.

Yucca Valley Western Joshua Tree Policy Information

2022 Native Plant Information and Permit for Removal

Yucca Valley: Western Joshua Tree Investigation and Permitting Process Information

General Western Joshua Tree Information, Status of Threatened Status as of June 2022

Notice of Recipients of Ministerial Permits

CA Department of Fish and Wildlife Info and Maps of Critical Habitat

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