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REALTOR® Membership

​Joining as a JTGAR REALTOR® member, you will become a member of the Joshua Tree Gateway Association of REALTORS® as well as the California Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®. Membership includes access to zipForm® transactional software, the C.A.R. legal department, discounted real estate supplies and attendance of member only educational programs and special events.

To sign up for REALTOR® membership, you'll need a current California Real Estate license. Salespersons must be employed by a member Broker before being able to join for primary REALTOR®​ membership.  We will require a completed application, including your Broker's signature, as well as valid identification, a copy or proof of your California Real Estate license,​ and a method of payment.  If you are a current member of another association, a letter of good standing will be required.  If you are applying for secondary membership or transferring from another association, we will also require a letter of good standing from your primary or previous association. 

MLS subscription is a separate service that is not included in realtor membership.

Because fees are prorated for new members by month, but there are applicable signup fees that may or may not be included (depending on previous membership status), please call for accurate fee information, (760) 365-1145 or view the cost breakdown on page 6 of the application.

Our office is open on Fridays between 1pm and 4pm to meet with new agents who would like to apply in person, but otherwise applications can be sent to for remote processing, or you can apply online below!

MLS Subscriber

Joining as an MLS Participant, you will have the ability to access the MLS, including the ability to search and enter listings. MLS Participants are not entitled to the same member benefits as REALTOR® members. MLS Broker Participants and MLS Salesperson Participants may upgrade to a full REALTOR® membership.  The same application for REALTOR membership (above) is used, please indicate the type of membership you are signing up for on the application.  As with REALTOR membership, if you transferring from another association or MLS, we will require a letter of good standing from your previous association/MLS.  

The MLS is a separate service, and if a member chooses to discontinue their MLS service, they do not lose REALTOR membership or membership benefits.  Similarly, one does not need to be a REALTOR member in order to subscribe to the MLS.  

Note:  Holding a current MLS subscription enables a member to sign up and maintain a Supra key subscription via JTGAR.

Appraiser Membership

​ ​Joining as an Appraiser Member, you will have the ability to access the MLS in a search capacity only.  Applicants must hold a valid Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers (BREA) license.  Appraiser MLS subscribers are eligible for a Supra key subscription.  The same application is used as for REALTOR and MLS membership (above).  Note:  your MLS account must be active and in good standing to maintain a Supra key account.

Clerical Users

​Joining as a clerical user, you will have access to the MLS under strict guidelines. Your membership is required to be affiliated with a full MLS Participant. Clerical Users may not use or have access to a Supra keys or lockboxes. We follow the California Department of Real Estate Guidelines for unlicensed assistants. ​ California Real Estate licensees with an active, hanging license are not eligible for a clerical account.  

Affiliate Membership

Professionals who are not real estate agents but are engaged in services that are related to real estate activity or transactions are welcomed to join as affiliate members of the association for a price of $115 annually (plus application fees). Affiliate membership includes: 

  • ​Access to members-only events

  • Addition to the association's e-mailing list, including the quarterly newsletter 

  • Contact-information listing on both the newsletter and public-facing website

  • Promotion of your business as a preferred vendor

  • The opportunity to sponsor events and promote your business to our members

  • The opportunity to network with people who can positively impact your business



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