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New Coronavirus Addendum and Legal Q&A on Open Houses/Showings During Pandemic

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

C.A.R. has developed and released a new Interim Coronavirus Addendum.  This form addresses the continued enforceability of real estate contracts under the current circumstances with regard to the virus and business closures.  Rather than risk an uncertain outcome in court or arbitration over these disputes, Buyers and Sellers may elect to address the unanswered issues contractually.  The form allows parties to agree on a way forward for existing contracts and addresses potential issues in contracts that may as yet have not been formed. 

It is located online for download here:

The form is also available in Zipforms as of this morning.  If you use Zipform standard, please download the update to access it. 

Also, C.A.R. has released this FAQ on Open Houses and Property Showings during the pandemic.  It addresses several questions and issues that members may have about both, and it is accessed right here:

  1. I will continue to keep everyone abreast of the latest information that impacts your business.  We are here to support you.

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