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C.A.R. Releases 3 New Forms, 4 Updated Forms for COVID-19

The following are new forms:

  • Coronavirus Lease/Rental Addendum or Amendment (Form CVA-LR), which can be attached to a lease agreement and creates a contractual agreement if the initial possession in the lease is affected by an unforeseen circumstance.

  • Notice of Unforeseen Lease/Rental Coronavirus Circumstance (Form NUCC-LR), which is to be used when the CVA-LR is part of the lease agreement and one party has an unforeseen circumstance that impacts the ability to perform under the purchase agreement.

  • Coronavirus Lease/Rental Property Entry Advisory and Declaration (PEAD-LR), is used for any visitor who is entering a property with a tenant or occupant, or when it is related to property management.

The following are forms that have been updated — if you have been using one of the following forms, be sure you switch to the updated version:

  • Coronavirus Addendum or Amendment (Form CVA)

  • Notice of Unforeseen Coronavirus Circumstance (Form NUCC)

  • Listing Agreement Coronavirus Addendum or Amendment (Form RLA-CAA)

  • Coronavirus Property Entry Advisory and Declaration (Form PEAD)

Access all of these forms here. All are available in zipForms as of Monday April 20th.

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