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Updated: C.A.R. Releases Six New Forms for COVID-19

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

There are now six new forms available from C.A.R. for use during the coronavirus pandemic to help you in your transactions--both sales and property management.  For quick reference, they area:

  • Coronavirus Addendum or Amendment (CVA) – Form triggered in the event there is an actual coronavirus-related delay to a transaction

  • Notice of Unforeseen Coronavirus Circumstance (NUCC) – Actual notice of unforeseen coronavirus-related circumstances

  • Listing Agreement Coronavirus Addendum or Amendment (RLA-CAA) – for sellers and listing agents to sign (form is only invoked in the event of actual delays related to the crisis).

  • Property Viewing Advisory and Declaration (PEAD) – to be given to and signed by the seller, buyer, agents and anyone else who will be entering a property.

  • Notice to Tenant of Ability to Pay Rent During Coronavirus Pandemic (NTAP is an informational notice that a landlord can send to a tenant for the purpose of starting a dialogue with the tenant regarding the payment of rent during the coronavirus pandemic 

  • Coronavirus Rent Payment Delay and Repayment (RPD) is an addendum to a residential lease or rental agreement that, when agreed to and signed by the landlord and tenant, documents the tenant’s claim that the tenant is unable to pay rent and the reason for the inability; proof of the inability to pay; the amount of the rent not being paid; and a plan to pay it in the future

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