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Yucca Valley Passes Moratorium on New STVR Permits

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

A 45-day moratorium on any new short-term vacation rental permits was approved by the Yucca Valley Town Council. Mayor Merl Abel, a REALTOR, who was recused by the FPPC and was not allowed to hear the testimony and vote on this issue.

At the November 2nd meeting, the council passed a moratorium on any new vacation rental permits with the Yucca Valley town limits. The decisive action was requested by many residents at the council’s last meeting, and the council agreed that the moratorium would give them, the Planning Commission, and town staff an appropriate amount of time to reconsider zoning codes and amend current regulations on vacation rentals. The moratorium prevents the town from accepting any new vacation rental permit requests, but all currently received requests will still be processed.

Council members and town staff acknowledged that the moratorium would likely be extended but expressed confidence that effective regulations could be put into effect by April 1, 2022, and that the moratorium may not need to be extended for this entire duration.

JTGAR recommends that all members disclose this moratorium to all their current clients, especially any buyers they may have in escrow with plans to turn the property into an STVR. This is the most opportune time for members to reach out to the planning commission with their input with regard to new regulations on vacation rentals, and are encouraged to do so. The planning commission will hold a public hearing on proposed amendments to the rental code, which may include heavier fines for problematic rentals, at their November 23rd , 2021meeting.

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