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NAR prevails in MLS Participation Rule and Clear Cooperation Policy case (via C.A.R.)

On January 25, 2023, a federal district court issued an order granting NAR's petition to end the DOJ investigation of NAR, including their investigation of the MLS Participation Rule and Clear Cooperation Policy. NAR reached a settlement with the DOJ in 2020, which the DOJ tried to back out of in 2021. The court concluded: "The government, like any party, must be held to the terms of its settlement agreements." This does not preclude the DOJ from investigating NAR in the future, and the DOJ has the option to appeal this decision if desired. But this is a clear victory, and NAR is delighted the DOJ is now bound to honor its agreement.

As part of NAR’s commitment to act in the best interests of home buyers and sellers across this country, NAR remains dedicated to advancing independent, local, thriving real estate marketplaces that provide for greater economic opportunity and equity for small businesses and consumers of all backgrounds and financial means. Learn more by visiting

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