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Paying Your Dues via the NAR Portal

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

As this is the first year JTGAR has adopted use of the NAR dues portal, what follows is a short step by step in how to pay your membership dues via NAR's portal!

First, members should go to and click "pay dues" in the upper right corner of their screen. If a member hasn't before registered for NAR's website, they'll need to register first with their NRDS ID, Last Name and Email. Provided their NRDS record is up to date and correct, this should take them into the portal. If it's been awhile and you can't recall your NAR password, you can always use the reset tool provided on the login screen (below). There is also a place to look up your NRDS ID if you don't know it or have misplaced it.

Once members have logged into the portal, they will be able to click "pay dues", select a billing year and find their invoice. The invoice screen has the disclosure information for your dues deductibility and other legal disclosures. You can also click on "View Final Invoice, Important PAC & Other Disclaimers" to read the full legal disclaimer regarding political contributions.

On the bottom of the invoice screen, on the right side, broker can choose "my office(s)" to view their agent's dues invoices that are open, and pay them from this screen if they opt to do so.

Click on "Pay my 2021 Invoice" and the system will take the member to their invoice. This invoice includes the voluntary REALTOR Action Fund amounts that are always represented on the statements members have previously received in their mail or email. These amounts ($49 or $148 for RAF and $10 for HAF) may be modified from this screen to choose between the $49 or $148 amount, if the member chooses to contribute a different amount such as $20, or zeroed out entirely if the member chooses not to contribute. Once modifications have been made, click "apply changes" to see the changes on the invoice. Then just click "pay invoice" at the bottom of the invoice screen to be brought to the payment screen, where a member can choose to pay with a credit/debit card or an electronic check.

See the gallery below for what the actual invoice looks like, how to make changes to the amount to choose between $49 and $148, or change to "0" if you don't want to contribute to the RAF/HAF as described above, and how to continue to the payment screen. Once paid, you'll receive a confirmation and will always be able to login to your NAR account to see your payment history through the portal.

Once paid through the portal, a member's NRDS record is automatically updates with all 2021 financial records and their dues dispersed to the National, State and Local associations on their behalf.

If you have trouble logging into the NAR system, there is a dedicated NAR customer service line to help members with their accounts at 1-800-874-6500.

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